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Jerimiah Molfese’s story shows the power of alternative healing and human resilience. As a teenager, he used lucid dreaming to heal himself and help others, including a friend with cancer. His success in teaching lucid dreaming in Boulder, Colorado, highlighted his talent as a healer and teacher.

After a severe car accident, Jerimiah used lucid dreaming and meditation, especially the 61 Point Relaxation Exercise, to recover against the odds. This deepened his belief in these techniques.

Jerimiah’s innovations, like the DreamMaker Pyramid Dry Flotation Tank and Egyptian Raindrop Therapy, show his ongoing contributions to healing arts. His books and inventions reflect a journey of discovery that started in his youth.

Jerimiah continues his healing and teaching work. His life is an inspiring example of how following one’s passions can lead to a meaningful and impactful life, even when facing big challenges. His story highlights persistence, healing, and the power of the mind over the body.

  Learn How to Lucid Dream and Enter the Dream State by Will !

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Take a look jerimiah playing in lyons Coloardo

Playing the didgeridoo involves a special breathing technique known as circular breathing, which allows the player to sustain a note for a long period.

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Clients Say

David Mooney

Jerimiah has brought a different angle to lucid dreaming I never thought possible. Now Lucidity is the norm for me now and I can thank Jerimiah

April 6, 2019


Thanks for the great work and I really hope your message can reach many people help them achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.
Un Saludo Edward PS. Ran out of time to mention my testimonials of lucid dreaming / out of body experiences.

October 29, 2022

Jim Johnson

Hello Jerimiah. I have been a member for about 5 months now- At first, I was interested in learning about Lucid Dreaming but have also have now learned how to play the digeridoo.

August 29, 2021

Johan B

I have just recently found out about Mr Molfese and his work. But from what I have read and watched video it seems really interesting. I have had some really interesting experiences.

March 1, 2021


Hi! My name is Kevin and I have been reading Jeremiah’s materials for what seems like about a year now. I first
discovered the site when looking for didgeridoo lessons and I couldn’t be more happy aboutfinding Jeremiah. In
addition to some great insite into how to play the “didge”, I have learned a lot about how to use it to improve my
personal growth. The whole lucid dreaming thing has opened a great new avenue of introspection and growthj for me
and I hope Jeremiah will continue for as long as possible. THis is really a great collection of thoughts and lessons.
THank you Jeremiah.

October 8, 2020