The Brotherhood of Light Lessons

November 20th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

The Brotherhood of Light lessons can be viewed here in two ways. They can be viewed in the Numerical Order in which the lessons were written (1-210), and in most cases the numerical order is chronological also, but not always because of the revisions at a later time.

Or they can be viewed in the traditional Book/Chapter Order which consists of 21 books.

In 1915, when the first lesson was written, it started as a monograph, 8 1/2 by 11, of ten pages, bound at the top, with an aqua-blue stapled cover. Each monograph had the official seal on the front cover. As the monographs were completed, Mr. Benjamine started expanding his series and listening to what students wanted and needed. It was both a learning experience for him as well as his students, and he accommodated everyone whenever he could so they could master the Ancient Wisdom.

Originally, a student could buy any manuscript in any order, and study the courses in any order, but as time progressed, Mr. Benjamine decided to issue a diploma of completion, and arranged a curriculum in the best order that he could. This was the beginning of the Book/Chapters Order, which was to be issued in 21 volumes, in which he succeeded.

Modern day students of Hermetics study the courses in both orders. Some prefer one system over the other, so the webmaster has decided to make both available.

The Not Sold Award Manuscripts

The Award Manuscripts at the end of the Numerical Order was an afterthought. Some of the earlier manuscripts were really included in the lessons and sold as lessons also, before the Not Sold Award concept was employed. However, Mr. Benjamine never obtained copyright protection on any of these award manuscripts, and they are in public domain, according to the 1908 copyright law, which was in effect when he issued most of his work, and same law was in effect when he died in 1951.

Some of the titles and ideas in the manuscripts, have been developed by modern authors and entire books are now available with expanded themes. These manuscripts were informative in their day, but now students want so much more than is available in this outdated series, and prefer to buy books on the whole subject.

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