Interactive Workshop Combining Lucid Dreaming, Healing and the Didgeridoo July 17th 2009

March 3rd, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

This event will be held in the mountains of Boulder Colorado

This workshop combines the power of the Australian Didgeridoo with Stellar Healing as a therapeutic tool. Originating in Egypt, Stellar Healing is an effective technique for healing the physical/emotional body using astrology as our guide. This process attunes the body to specific planetary energies then passes this energy through the hands of the healer into the person receiving the healing. Each planet has a specific frequency, which directly corresponds to a specific musical tone. By applying circular breathing or the basic drone of your didgeridoo with the correct planetary musical tone the human body becomes a tuning fork for cosmic energy, enabling the Didgeridoo to act as a healing instrument.

The sound that emanates from the Didgeridoo creates different overtones that are too high in frequency for the human ear to pick up. The cells and bones in the human body, however, do pick up these overtones, thereby attuning not only the healer, but also the person receiving the healing, to the desired planetary energy. This planetary energy can then be applied to assist in the healing of physical and emotional illness. Through directed intention the Didgeridoo player can focus the energy to the cells of the human body and generate a healing response for themselves or another person. By applying this technique, each person will learn how to play their Didgeridoo using circular breathing to generate powerful rhythms for healing. During the interactive performance/dance portion of the workshop, everyone will have a chance to experience the healing power of the Didgeridoo.

The goal of this workshop is to enable the participants to learn to use this technique for self-healing and to provide everyone with resources that they can take home and use for their own well being.


Day 1: A two-hour introduction with interactive performance/dance for learning and experiencing the power of the Didgeridoo. Next each person will learn how to make

a Didgeridoo made of PVC. We will create the Didgeridoo then paint it and learn how to apply the wax. This will be your tool that you will use for the rest of the seminar,

if you would like to purchase an authentic Didgeridoo before the workshop we can assist with your order or feel free to bring your own Didgeridoo.  The afternoon of this day we will then do the full   Step by step program for learning Lucid Dreaming the art of Dream Yoga

Day 2: Workshop 1 Focusing on getting the sweet spot. The sweet spot is when you get a drone sound and hold it with very little effort. By finding the sweet spot with your Didgeridoo you will begin to understand the process of circular breathing and have a tool that can produce powerful healing overtones. You can then begin healing with your Didgeridoo regardless of whether or not you are able to practice circular breathing.

Day 3: Workshop 2 Continue to learn circular breathing; practicing the Didgeridoo with basic rhythms; using your voice. We will explore how you can begin to tune your consciousness to the cosmic planetary energies simply by changing your voice while playing the Didgeridoo drone.

Day 4: Workshop 3Circular breathing; Practicing with visualization. Building energy for Stellar Healing; This workshop combines everything learned in the previous workshops with the proper planetary energies. Whether or not you are able to circular breath, you will still have a powerful healing tool that can be used to produce cosmic planetary energies. The primary focus of this workshop will be on your birth chart and where to direct the powerful sounds of your Didgeridoo within your physical body. Every participant will receive a copy of their astrological birth chart in this workshop. In the evening we will get to experience a Mayan or Native American Steam Bath (Temazcal)

The effectiveness of the workshops is enhanced in the outdoors. By interacting with Nature each participant can experience the inner connection between the Didgeridoo, Nature and themselves.

Please register for the event here. After you will be taken to the payment processing page
Pay Before 31st of March $350
Pay Before 30th of April $400
One month before the event $450
2 weeks before the event full price $500
Phone :

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Power Yoga DVD with Paula Liebe

January 10th, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

Biography Paula Liebe
Paula received her first taste of yoga while journeying through India during the Millennium. Upon her return to Holland she obtained further inspiration from Bryan Kest to explore the path of Power Yoga. When Paula made the final decision to move from Holland to the Mayan Riviera in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, her yoga career really started to flourish. She followed teacher trainings with Ashtanga master Tim Miller and Power Yoga master Baron Baptiste and soon there after she started to teach on a daily basis in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Through the years Paula has developed her own specific power yoga style; a combination of a physically dynamic Vinyasa Flow and an inspired guidance from the heart, combined with an enthusiasm and passion for life that is inherent to a Caribbean lifestyle.

Paula Liebe offers a short impression of her 1 hour instructional power yoga DVD recorded in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, Mexico

$19.99 + $4 Shipping

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The Brotherhood of Light Lessons

November 20th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

The Brotherhood of Light lessons can be viewed here in two ways. They can be viewed in the Numerical Order in which the lessons were written (1-210), and in most cases the numerical order is chronological also, but not always because of the revisions at a later time.

Or they can be viewed in the traditional Book/Chapter Order which consists of 21 books.

In 1915, when the first lesson was written, it started as a monograph, 8 1/2 by 11, of ten pages, bound at the top, with an aqua-blue stapled cover. Each monograph had the official seal on the front cover. As the monographs were completed, Mr. Benjamine started expanding his series and listening to what students wanted and needed. It was both a learning experience for him as well as his students, and he accommodated everyone whenever he could so they could master the Ancient Wisdom.

Originally, a student could buy any manuscript in any order, and study the courses in any order, but as time progressed, Mr. Benjamine decided to issue a diploma of completion, and arranged a curriculum in the best order that he could. This was the beginning of the Book/Chapters Order, which was to be issued in 21 volumes, in which he succeeded.

Modern day students of Hermetics study the courses in both orders. Some prefer one system over the other, so the webmaster has decided to make both available.

The Not Sold Award Manuscripts

The Award Manuscripts at the end of the Numerical Order was an afterthought. Some of the earlier manuscripts were really included in the lessons and sold as lessons also, before the Not Sold Award concept was employed. However, Mr. Benjamine never obtained copyright protection on any of these award manuscripts, and they are in public domain, according to the 1908 copyright law, which was in effect when he issued most of his work, and same law was in effect when he died in 1951.

Some of the titles and ideas in the manuscripts, have been developed by modern authors and entire books are now available with expanded themes. These manuscripts were informative in their day, but now students want so much more than is available in this outdated series, and prefer to buy books on the whole subject.

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Contact Jerimiah

November 18th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

Contact Jerimiah Molfese

1140 Parker Dr. Longmont CO 80501

720 917 9712


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Astrology for Healing

November 14th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

Coming Soon

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November 14th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

This event will be held in the mountains of Boulder Colorado

Interactive Workshop Combining Lucid Dreaming,

Healing and the Didgeridoo July 20 2009

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November 14th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese


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DreamMaker Meditation and Flotation Pyramid

November 13th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese


DreamMaker Pyramid Floatation and

Meditation Room

Experience Meditation Like Never Before !


The DreamMaker combines the ancient power of the pyramids with modern floatation therapy giving an incredible tool for healing and exploration. By combining the therapeutic effects of REST , Restricted Environmental Stimuli Therapy with Pyramid Power, the floatation experience is enhanced .

Our Real Float Mattress’s primary function is to create a 0-degree gravity condition. This allows the central nervous system to be freed from the force of gravity , creating a floatation experience without the discomfort and inconvenience of being wet.

Exact Angle of 51.51 The ancients from all over the world use a technique of healing and inner exploration by aligning a pyramid structure to the exact angle of 51.51 then pointing it to match the energy flow of the Earth by aligning it again with the 4 cardinal directions. North South, East and West.

Sound Equipment The DreamMaker is Equipped with a full surround sound system and has a DVD screen for guided meditations and entertainment.

Tempter and Air Flow The DramMaker is Tempter regulated to match the tempter of the body using an air conditioner that gives the perfect amount of air flow on the inside of the tank.

If you are interested in having our team build you a DreamMaker Meditation Pyramid please contact Jerimiah Molfese to arrange all the specific details.



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Hello world! My name is Jerimiah Molfese

November 13th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

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  • 1. Lucid Dreaming Introduction.
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  • 4. The Prospective Memory Development Exercise for Lucid Dreaming.
  • 5 Understanding the Different Stages of Sleep and how it relates to Lucid Dreaming
  • 6. Understanding and Doing the Autosuggestion Exercise for Lucid Dreaming.
  • 7. The Power of Intention (Learning the Reflection Intention Exercise).
  • 8. How to Lucid Dream Using the Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream Technique (MILD)
  • 9. What to Do Next With My Lucid Dreams: An Open Discussion

    Dream Yoga Series (7)

  • 1. Introduction to Dram Yoga and its relationship to wake induced lucid dreaming
  • 2. Visualization Techniques for Archiving Dram Yoga
  • 3. Concentration Techniques for Archiving Dream Yoga
  • 4. Five Relaxation Exercises the key to Dream Yoga and Wake induced lucid dreaming
  • 5. Getting started with Wake Induced Lucid Dream Techniques
  • 6. Traditional Tibetan Dream Yoga Techniques
  • 7. Learning Jerimiah’s Concentration Exercise for Dream Yoga

    Didgeridoo Series(5)

  • 1. Introduction to the didgeridoo and how to make your own for under $10
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  • 3. Basic Sounds
  • 4. How to Circler Breath lesson # 1 Using your cheeks
  • 5. How to Circler Breath lesson # 2 Using your diaphragm

    Didgeridoo Healing Series (4)

  • 1. Introduction to the power of the didgeridoo for healing
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  • 3. Building and Directing Energy for Healing
  • 4. Learning how to incorporate planetary healing with your didgeridoo

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