Interactive Workshop Combining Lucid Dreaming, Healing and the Didgeridoo July 17th 2009

March 3rd, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

This event will be held in the mountains of Boulder Colorado

This workshop combines the power of the Australian Didgeridoo with Stellar Healing as a therapeutic tool. Originating in Egypt, Stellar Healing is an effective technique for healing the physical/emotional body using astrology as our guide. This process attunes the body to specific planetary energies then passes this energy through the hands of the healer into the person receiving the healing. Each planet has a specific frequency, which directly corresponds to a specific musical tone. By applying circular breathing or the basic drone of your didgeridoo with the correct planetary musical tone the human body becomes a tuning fork for cosmic energy, enabling the Didgeridoo to act as a healing instrument.

The sound that emanates from the Didgeridoo creates different overtones that are too high in frequency for the human ear to pick up. The cells and bones in the human body, however, do pick up these overtones, thereby attuning not only the healer, but also the person receiving the healing, to the desired planetary energy. This planetary energy can then be applied to assist in the healing of physical and emotional illness. Through directed intention the Didgeridoo player can focus the energy to the cells of the human body and generate a healing response for themselves or another person. By applying this technique, each person will learn how to play their Didgeridoo using circular breathing to generate powerful rhythms for healing. During the interactive performance/dance portion of the workshop, everyone will have a chance to experience the healing power of the Didgeridoo.

The goal of this workshop is to enable the participants to learn to use this technique for self-healing and to provide everyone with resources that they can take home and use for their own well being.


Day 1: A two-hour introduction with interactive performance/dance for learning and experiencing the power of the Didgeridoo. Next each person will learn how to make

a Didgeridoo made of PVC. We will create the Didgeridoo then paint it and learn how to apply the wax. This will be your tool that you will use for the rest of the seminar,

if you would like to purchase an authentic Didgeridoo before the workshop we can assist with your order or feel free to bring your own Didgeridoo.  The afternoon of this day we will then do the full   Step by step program for learning Lucid Dreaming the art of Dream Yoga

Day 2: Workshop 1 Focusing on getting the sweet spot. The sweet spot is when you get a drone sound and hold it with very little effort. By finding the sweet spot with your Didgeridoo you will begin to understand the process of circular breathing and have a tool that can produce powerful healing overtones. You can then begin healing with your Didgeridoo regardless of whether or not you are able to practice circular breathing.

Day 3: Workshop 2 Continue to learn circular breathing; practicing the Didgeridoo with basic rhythms; using your voice. We will explore how you can begin to tune your consciousness to the cosmic planetary energies simply by changing your voice while playing the Didgeridoo drone.

Day 4: Workshop 3Circular breathing; Practicing with visualization. Building energy for Stellar Healing; This workshop combines everything learned in the previous workshops with the proper planetary energies. Whether or not you are able to circular breath, you will still have a powerful healing tool that can be used to produce cosmic planetary energies. The primary focus of this workshop will be on your birth chart and where to direct the powerful sounds of your Didgeridoo within your physical body. Every participant will receive a copy of their astrological birth chart in this workshop. In the evening we will get to experience a Mayan or Native American Steam Bath (Temazcal)

The effectiveness of the workshops is enhanced in the outdoors. By interacting with Nature each participant can experience the inner connection between the Didgeridoo, Nature and themselves.

Please register for the event here. After you will be taken to the payment processing page
Pay Before 31st of March $350
Pay Before 30th of April $400
One month before the event $450
2 weeks before the event full price $500
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Learn how to Induce a Lucid Dream with Massage

January 26th, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

If you would like to make a appointment for this healing Massage please contact Jerimiah Molfese directly to schedule it.

Egyptian Rain Drop Therapy a Massage

that can induce a Lucid Dream using

Sound Healing

In this one-and-one-half hour session, we will employ a 12 steps based on a number system drawn from an ancient Egyptian Hermetic system of Astrology. This system acknowledges the inherent intelligence of the body to recognize and to remember its original state of being. Through the power of suggestion and by applying a set of numbers over the body, the cells of the body can begin to rearrange themselves back to their original configuration. As the body aligns itself, a powerful and positive current of energy is created that flows throughout the body. As this energy, or Chi, flows an altered state of consciousness begins. This remarkable experience opens the doorway to a LD state while healing the physical body at the same time. Pain diminishes, stress dissipates and the body is left in a deep state of relaxation as small, but powerful, experiences within the dream state are brought forth into consciousness.

If you are a Massage Therapist and would like to enhance your massage technique Jerimiah will be offering a 2 month Egyptian Rain Drop Therapy training course. See upcoming Event and Seminars for information

Part 1

Part 2

Steps 1,2 and 3 Ceremony,Balance and Animal Power

A ceremony is preformed to call in any energy’s that are there to assist the treatment. Next by applying Reflexology to the feet in a specific order of numbers the electromagnetic energy of the body is released into the nerves system generating relaxation and healing. This gives the body the proper energy needed to begin a altered state.

Part 3

Steps 4,5 and 6. Spreading the energy,Preparing for the oils and Applying the oils.

We massage the legs with long strokes, pushing and spreading the energy up from the feet. This is done in a special way by rubbing along the energy meridian of the body, heating the legs while visualizing the energy flowing and building strength as it moves up the legs and connects with the sexual organs.

We massage the spine, pulling the energy up from the hips and spreading it throughout the entire back. This is done by visualizing the energy spreading from the base of the hips and up the spine as the client uses their breath to help the energy move up the body.

Seven essential oils are dispensed like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches, and gently massaged alongside of the vertebrae. The oils are dropped onto the body in a very special way using a numerical system that aligns the seven emotional parts of the character. Seven drops are applied on both sides of the spine using the first oil. The drops are evenly dispersed from the base of the sacrum to the base of the neck, giving a signal to the nervous system to begin the adjustment of the spine. A series of hand swipes are applied to spread the oil: Three swipes up the right side while asking the first
emotional layer of the male side of the body to work on all three levels physical, emotional and spiritual; three swipes up the left side while asking the first emotional layer of the female side of the body to work on all three levels. Then 10 swipes are applied with even pressure up both sides to reset the cycle of the first layer within the emotional body. Next, light circles are massaged up the spine over points 3 through 8 in the diagram. As this is done, the energy is directed to be built up within point number 3. The process of applying the oils is repeated 7 times, the only difference being that the energy is directed to build in point number 3 and end with point number 10 in the diagram.
Oils used:
1 Thyme: Proven scientifically to be anti-infectious, anti-bacterial,
and anti-viral.
2 Oregano: Works similarly to thyme but is more aggressive
and helps stimulate the immune system.
3 Wintergreen: Anti-inflammatory. Helps relieve pain. It
may also help with arthritis, tendonitis and rheumatism.
4 Cypress: Helps circulation and helps to relieve spasms,
cramps, edema, cellulite, and varicose veins along with
water retention.
5 Peppermint: Used to soothe and strengthen the nerves. It
also helps bring harmony between the other oils to enhance
their individual activity.
6 Basil: Smoothes muscles with its anti-spasmodic activity
and is also known to stimulate the nerves, alleviate mental
fatigue, and relieve migraine headaches.
7 Marjoram: Anti-spasmodic and helps to relax the
muscles and relieve cramping, aches and pains.

All oils are from Young Living Essential oils

Part 4

Steps 7,8 The Tibetan Singing Bowl and Releasing the Neck.

A Tibetan singing bowl is rung 3 times, representing the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. At the same time it is placed gently on the spine on point number 3 in the diagram. The overtones that are created by the bowl vibrate the physical cells of the body, reminding them to work in their natural configuration, thereby creating a chain reaction effect. This is repeated 6 more times placing the bowl directly on points 3 through 10. This allows all of the energy that has been generated up to this point in the session to move to that spot in the body directly under the bowl, creating an alignment of the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of the character.

The client now turns over and a deep massage is applied throughout the vertebra of the neck to release the tension within the neck and head.

Part 5

Step 9. Connecting the Heart to the Head using the Native American Flute.

Energy work is applied starting with the feet and moving up to the stomach. The energy is assisted to flow evenly up through the stomach into the heart. A Native American flute is then played over the top of the head and in each ear. This creates the number 3 as the music balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain while using a special type of visualization to let the soothing music of the flute connect the energy coming from the heart to the head.

Part 6

Steps 10,11 and 12.The Aborigine Didgeridoo and Giving Thanks

Now that the flute has opened the flow of energy coming from the heart, energy work is applied to 6 different locations on the neck and head. This creates a positive energy flow coming from the heart to the top of the head, and preparing the energy to move out the top of the head.

A didgeridoo is played, creating powerful overtones, while the circular breathing generates large amounts of electromagnetic energy that is directed by the healer. This is done in a special sequence. While playing the instrument into one ear, the healer’s hand is placed on the left foot. This assists the energy to flow up the left side of the body. The same is repeated on the right side of the body. Then the instrument is played on the top of the head creating the number 3. The energy flow is then activated as represented in the diagram.

A prayer is said to give thanks to God and the heavenly beings that were present to assist us in the session. We also give thanks to Mother Earth and the elemental energies of Fire, Earth Air and Water. As this session comes to completion the physical body is now free from pain and stress, realigned on all 3 levels.

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Astrology for Healing

November 14th, 2008 by Jerimiah Molfese

Coming Soon

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