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January 9th, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

I think that the problem that people have with LD is that they have no one to share there dreams with. It is important to remember a dream journal is the most important tool when it comes to LD.   That is why I have created share a dream. Have Fun!

You can download My Adventures in LD here

Here are some lucid dreams that I have had

Tank experience called Mer-Ka-Ba . Feeling of happiness.

10/13/00 10:30 am I went into the flotation tank trying to come out of my body.  After about forty minutes I began to hear the fan for ventilation in the tank grinding. I started to think what is that? Is the fan broken? At that moment I could feel a buzzing sensation all over my body. What is that?  I am thinking as the buzzing sound got stronger and stronger.  Soon the buzzing was very loud in my ear and filling my body with a vibration that went all the way to my bones.  That was the moment that I new I was starting to dream.
I then began to come out of my body. I was floating out of the tank into a world of absolute beauty the colors were not of this place.  I knew that this was a spiritual experience. I could feel love thought out my entire body. Bright colors of beauty were flashing all around me.  I Than heard a voice coming out of no place right in my ear it was my intuition. “Jerimiah relax and don’t to get too excited.” Excitement was rushing through my entire body. Using all my concentration I began to breathe deeply as my intuition spoke again,” good, relax Jerimiah.” All of a sudden I floated all the way out of my body I found myself within a world of colors flashing with beauty all around me. I knew this place because I have ban to it before in the past. Thinking this is the spiritual plane.  The feeling of absolute love was all around and in front of me was a  Mer-Ka-Ba
about 30 or so feet in all directions and it was activated. I was looking at a double tetrahedron, two triangles spinning in opposite directions right on top of each other, one right side up and the other upside-down.  I thought, that is amazing what is this place? I have never seen a moving Mer-Ka-Ba before in the dream world. Right in the middle of the markaba was a door like thing illuminating the most wonderful colors and lights, constantly changing as these massive triangles spin around and around. I immediately wanted to go into the middle of the Mer-Ka-Ba .  Looking to my left I could see my wife, she was standing right next to the Mer-Ka-Ba  and in-between us was a very small 3 foot Merkaba. This Mer-Ka-Ba  was  also spinning but made of all gold.   I was so happy I got distracted form wanting to go into the bigger Markaba.  Then the buzzing started to come back into my body and became too powerful and I started to wake up.  I then awoke at 11:30am knowing that I had just ban to a most amazing place, I had the feeling of absolute love and beauty all around me. I was so excited and I knew that this one would stay with me for a long time.

LUCID Dream in the floatation tank 04/10/01 future world out of body awakens

I went in to the floatation tank at 8:30 am.  I begin to do some mediation to relax my body, for some reason I am very nerves and can relax my body or calm my mind.  I tern on same soft music and put a program on the light and sound machine to induce a deep theta state.  The program stops a half of an hour later and I can feel that I am in a deep theta state and that REM is going to come soon, I begin the wake induced exercise for entering a lucid dream.  Seeing my hand in front of me I flip them over and over repeating to my self I am dreaming I am dreaming, the next thing that I now I am starting to float into the dream world.   As I come out into the dream I am on top of a tall building I now that I am dreaming and I remember that I all that I want to do is fly around and have some fun.  I run and jump of the building and begin to fly I can feel that wind in my face as I pick up speed.  At that moment I remember I want to swim under the water and breath.  Instantly I am flying over an ocean, I land and start to walk into the waves as they get bigger and bigger.  A big wave bigger then me crash down over my head throwing me back into the water.  The force of the wave is so strong and I can feel the water rushing through my body, thinking this is a dream and I can swim within this water and breath like the fish.   I begin to swim deeper and deeper into the ocean all around me are strange looking fish and the water is very dirty, I am wondering what is going on thinking I want to swim in clear water why is this water so dirty. I swim up to the surface of the water and am astonished to see that the world was different then when I had gone in the ocean. I was in the future the sky was black and there were flying machines all around flying in the sky.  Knowing that I am still dreaming I begin to fly back to where my body is.  Thinking I will find my body and induce an out of body experience and when I am out of my body I will pass energy through it healing my self.   Instantly I could see the Mile High Dream Institute, going in side I see the tank and begin to open the door. I could see my feet in the tank as the door opened, then before I knew what was going on I was in the flotation tank and I had forgot that I was dreaming. I could see some one opening the door to the tank, thinking who is that and what are they doing disturbing me.  All of a sudden it hit me, I remembered that I had the glasses on for the light and sound machine and that I could not see through them. This reminded me that I was dreaming still because I was watching my self open the door to the tank, I immediately remembered everything and awoke at 10:00am

Lucid dream in the floatation tank 06/11/01 flying with patterns of sacred geometry

I went into the floatation tank at 830am on June 11, 2001 after completing a serious of meditations to enter the Dream State the dream world began to appear.  I found my self-walking in a strange house I knew that I was dreaming.  In front of me was a hall and it was very dark. Chills ran down my spine as I walked towed a door. Thinking to my self I am dreaming and in the floatation tank I don’t have to be scared.  I saw a door to the right of me with a piece of tape that looked like police tape. It read crime scene the house of Jerimiah Molfese. I instantly felt very scared; wondering what is this in my dream Jerimiah Molfese is me. Calming my self down with the thought that I am dreaming and I don’t have to be scared. I opened the door braking the tape and stepped back from the door to see what would come out.  Instantly I could feel a buzzing all around my body getting stronger and stronger.  Before I could understand what was going on I found my self being pulled up into the sky faster and faster.  Knowing that I was in the floatation tank the intense sensation of fear and excitement began to fade.  Faster and faster I moved through the clouds the pulling sensation was uncontrollable.  Past the clouds and into space I could se earth getting smaller and smaller then moving backwards I went right through what seemed to be like a nebula of some sort with colors of golden swirling inward.  I stopped after coming and found my self-staring at a large geometrical pattern. It was made of golden light and bigger then me bigger then anything I could imagine. Thinking this is a pattern of sacred geometry. Then the geometrical pattern changed into the flower of life. I after this giant pattern of beauty was finished transforming I stared to wake up. The next thing that I new I was back in the floatation tank with a wonderful felling of excitement surging through my entire body.


I was in the tank at 6am and after about 40 minutes I began to come out of my body.  I could feel the sensations of floating up and through the tank.  I found myself on a road walking. I knew that I was dreaming and wanted to fly to space. I flew up about 100 feet into the air and started to fall. I then started to flap my arms like a bird and went even higher but for some reason I couldn’t fly all the way to space and came falling down to the ground.  On the ground was a hole about the size of me and in the hole was space. I was thinking to myself I could fly through the ground and get to space. As I started to fly through the ground I could see all the layers of the earth until I came to the middle of the earth and out the other side. I was in space with all the stars around me. I then remembered my intention to do a healing for my wife. I began to fly back to the ground and tried to fly to my house for I knew that she was sleeping right now.  I was having trouble flying to the house so I tried to just bring her to me. The next thing that I knew we were on a train. Karina was right in front of me. I gathered some green light in my hands and passed it through her body keeping a positive state of mind thinking of health and happiness. When I was done I wanted to fly through the wall. On the other side of the wall was a mirror and I tried to fly through that but when I did I awoke. End of dream 830am

Lucid Dream in the Floatation tank 04/17/01 sensations of love awaken

I went into the floatation tank at 8:30am on this morning.  I put in a tape that I made to first, relaxing the body and then enter the dream through wake induced.  The tape was finished and I knew that one half of an hour had past. I begin my normal meditation by looking at my dream hands and concentrating on my third eye as I create some very special imagery with in my mind’s eye.  The next thing that I new.  I was in the tank feeling very hot, I didn’t no how long it had ban and I seemed to have gone into a complete void state.  A state where I am surrounded by nothing feeling nothing no time nothing, this sometimes happens in the tank no dreams no visions no imagery nothing.  I had my sweater on so I got to hot that was the only thing that I could notice.  I got up and opened the door and took my sweater of and began to float again.  I think it was a matter of minuets maybe five maybe ten it is really hard to tell, I started to hear a swishing sound within my ears soon this swishing started to tern into some faint music. I knew that the dream was starting and I was getting ready to enter the dream world.  Lights began to flash on my face moving through my body and soon the dream appeared.

With music of beauty gently with in my ears I see a big tunnel with light beaming out of the other side coming closer and bigger as I move within. The music is lowered now and I am flying with absolute speed  through this unbelievably huge tunnel toward the most wonderful light. Knowing that I am now not in the Floatation tank but DREAMING.   Flying faster and faster out the other side I go and landing at the post office of my hometown ward Colorado.  Thinking I am dreaming and in this dream I will do nothing but have fun! Fun! Fun! Remembering that I have ban a but under the weather and wanted to have some fun. Jumping into the air I begin my journey into the dream world flying all around my home town faster and faster I can feel the wind pushing a worm wind on my face as I race through the clouds like super man. This is so much fun , I flip into the air. I look down on the ground and see a good friend of mine, leaf. Landing next to him. Leaf this is a dream and I am in my floatation tank right now I say with excitement.  Jerimiah go out for a pass he replies. As he pulls a baseball out of his pocket. I fly faster then ever straight up into the clouds. Leaf up here. He throws the ball right at me. I am thinking that is far, but this is even further,  looking in the distance I see another friend coming down the mountain side about half a mile from him. Launching the ball with all my might it goes flying past leaf right to my other friend.  The feeling of absolute excitement rushes through my body for in the waking world I cant throw a ball very far and I especially cant do it from up here.  Waving my friend’s goodbye I begin to fly to space.  I pass over the phone building remembering that the last time that went over this building in a dream I was pulled in a southward direction uncontrollably.  Instantly a force came out of no where and it began to happen again. 100 feet or so down the road I find myself falling to the ground.  I will not hit the ground I will fly, with my hand out in front of me, I flying straight up faster then before, in front of me are telephone wires everywhere, they go past me with a blur. Dogging them the best that I can as they scrap upon my arms and lags.  Over the mountain and into some clouds I go instantly remembering about my Lucid Dreaming Class for kids.  With this thought in mind I begin to fall to the ground. I land on the window of a house full of kids.  Hovering in mid air 5 or so kids walk up to me sticking their little heads out the window.   What are you doing out there they ask.  I am Lucid dreaming and this is a dream.  Would you like to learn how this is done?   I can here laughing in the background of children.  No really this is a dream and you too can fly like me. I grab a little boy ever so gently and begin to fly to the ground.  Setting him on the ground, I notice his mother is standing there.  How did you do that? She asks. I am dreaming and you to can fly like me.  I am having a Lucid Dreaming class for kids soon it I important for kids to understand the power there dreams. I say with joy.  She looks at with a smile.  Thanks for that information she replies.  Ok then I say as I fly up into the air and off towed Boulder.  Thinking I want to find my wife and make love to her as we fly in the air.  I race past my old house and within minuets I am flying over an out door mal with hundreds of beautiful woman walking by.  I land and immediately remember that I am looking for my wife suddenly she comes walking through the crowd of people.  Hi honey this is a dream, do you want to fly as we make love together? Yes!  That would be very exciting she replies. I embrace her with my enter body and love as we begin to float into the air. Five feet and then ten, I realize I have no close and she is in a very sexy secret. We begin to make love the feeling is absolutely amazing, like floating into heaven with the women you love. Sensations of excitement surround my body and instantly I am awakened to find my self in the tank sounded with a feeling of absolute amazement and love.  I awake at 10:30

Tank experience/ Buddha awaken 11/16/00 930am to 1130am feeling of knowing.

I am in the flotation tank doing my concentration technique for having a lucid dream.  About a half an hour passes by and I start to find myself swinging in a hammock doing the exercise for entering a lucid dream through wake induced.  I am holding a ball of light on my third eye repeating the next time I am dreaming I will remember to recognize that I am dreaming.  I am looking at my hands and flipping them over as I say it.   I then start to imagine that I am walking down a sidewalk. At this point I still thought I was lying in a hammock doing an exercise to get lucid. But in reality I was really in the tank dreaming I was lying in a hammock performing a lucid dream exercise.  I am imagining that I am walking down a sidewalk saying do you know how to do it? An old man in a Tibetan Buddhist outfit says as he is siting next to a store,” what is that, boy?” I said to him, ”do you know how to get lucid? He says, ”how?”  I then tell him you first run. As we start to run together I say you must breathe. As we begin to breathe together I said,” then you jump into the air and say  “ I am dreaming”” At that moment he ran much faster than I could and I realized I was dreaming, thinking that this is an old man how can he run so fast.  I jumped into the air flying very close to the ground.  Thinking to myself I am in the flotation tank and I am dreaming, I knew my intention was to continue the healing work for Paula.  I am flying very fast on the ground and very close to the ground but as soon as I remembered my intention, I started to fly higher up.  I was concentrating on finding Paula, thinking of being higher in the sky.  I started to flap my arms like a bird and started to go higher and higher in the sky. I knew I was in a big city and I had to get on top of the tallest building to find or summon Paula.  I went very high in the sky and was almost at the top of a very old building. I started to lose my momentum upward so I grabbed on to a peak of the building and began to pull my self on to the roof. But as I did 3 birds (they looked like pigeons, not all white but part blue) flew right by my face and made me lose my grip as I then fell down and awoke.

TANK 10/16/00 1030am to 1158am Feeling confusion Title false awakening by light.

I went in the tank performing the concentration exercise when I thought, it sure has been a long time. I was wondering if I was going to make it in to the lucid dream when I started to hear the chimes of the spiritual plane.   I then came out of my body. I began to fly through the door. I had no voice telling me anything.   I then decided that I was going to go through the window.  I hovered into the air and started to fly through the window. I was trying to be relaxed and calm, instantly I was back in the tank. I thought, shit I awoke too fast.  I was thinking it sure is hot in here. As I wiped some sweat from my head, I then saw a little bit of light coming from the ceiling of the tank. I thought, that is strange, it should be dark in here. I then thought that it must be the light from some one opening the door in the room. I opened the door to the tank and saw the door to the room closing.  Thinking to my self is that my mom? I wonder what she wants.  I then realized that there was still light in the tank but it was a bright point of light coming in the tank, I thought that is sunlight, how could there be sun light in the tank?  I then knew that I was still dreaming and all of a sudden I fell out of the tank on to the floor of the room. It startled me so much that I awoke for real this time.


I went into the flotation tank with the intention to have a lucid dream and do some healing for Paula.  After looking at her birth chart I determined that the problem has to do with mars energy. Anger about feeling pleasure .My thought was that she needs moon energy in the place of mars.   Moon is the antidote for mars and in this circumstance I have a feeling that it has to do with not being the mother or not having mothering around her after her kids moved out of the house. I had the feeling that this might be an expression of the body needing to be nurtured and loved like a mother cares for her children.
I did not come full out of my body but I was able to extend my conscience to Paula. The rapport was very strong and it was as if she was right next to me, I began by communicating with her body. She was lying down and I suggested that it is ok to be mothered like a child again as I saw her playing like a little girl.  I then began to build lunar moon energy in my hands filling the energy with love and seeing images of a mother loving and holding her baby, as I passed the energy thorough her spine I could see the area that was ill.    The energy began to pass into her body filling her with joy then I saw her spine become full of energy and very healthy.  I remembered that she loved to dance, so I danced with her letting her know that there is no problem with her back and that she can dance freely. We danced salsa. I did a couple of dips the first one was a bit strange for her but then she realized that this is the dream body and she can dip and twirl all she wants. I then took her hand and began to dance with her in the air as we floated into the air.  I continued to fill her body with energy until she looked strong excited, and happy.  I awoke to her face right in front of me in the darkness of the flotation tank.

Healing Paula 10/31/00-10:15am to 11:30am

I went into the flotation tank at 10:15am.  My intention to help with the process of Paula for her back.  Knowing that she needs moon energy I begin, this was the second session.  My concentration was weak so after about 15min of relaxation of my body I was able to concentrate a bit better.  I started to visualize her in my minds eye then I fell asleep and started to dream that we were together she was in a white and blue nightgown lying on the bed.  I went over to her and told her that it was ok to feel free like a little girl. I put my hands on her head and began to create energy that started to flow down her spine.  I then suggested that the love is greater than the pain instantly she stood up and turned into a little child.   A beautiful little girl she was, dancing and playing with all the freedom of a little girl.  I then began to awake as I did I opened my eyes and could see Paula in the tank, I thought that is neat because the tank is pitch dark I can still see the dream even though I am awake.  I gave her a bit more loving energy and woke up fully then came out of the tank.

Healing for Paula 11/7/00-9:00am to 11:00am

I went into the flotation tank with the intention to do a healing for Paula. I had her picture in my hand as I begin to fall asleep.  The next thing that I knew I was standing next to a large building, I knew my intention was to heal Paula.  I was staring at the building thinking I will fly up to the top and into the clouds.   I started to lift off the ground.  I could feel a deep falling sensation in my stomach as I began to fly up into the clouds.    I think to myself that I must find Paula.  I start to fly toward the great big lake thinking that this is one of the Great Lakes in NY.   The sensation in my stomach got stronger and I started to fall down. As I hit the ground I could feel part of my body and I started to awaken.   I don’t want to awaken right now but the feeling in my stomach got too strong and I awaken in the tank holding Paula’s picture in my hand. I turned on the light and looked at it and then turned it off within the pitch dark I could still see her. I closed my eyes and there she was wearing a big blue sweater.  I thought you sure do look beautiful in blue.  I then gathered energy in my hands and held her hands in mine.  The energy started to flow into her and light her up after about two or three minutes of this she was glowing with radiant beauty. I then remembered that I had an appointment soon and I better get out of the tank to prepare for my appointment.  I awoke fully and came out of the tank.

Healing Paula # 4 11/21/00 10am to 12am Title – False awakening feeling of love

I went into the flotation tank with my intention to do a healing for Paula. I started to dream that I was in her house in the flotation tank doing my exercise to get in to a lucid dream.  The next thing that I knew I was flying at my dad’s house in the kitchen, I knew that I was dreaming and I knew my intention. I was trying to fly out the windows to get on my way to find Paula. I tried one widow and smashed into it, at that moment I remembered that I can go through the widows at an angle and I can’t go very fast through them. Then I tried going slowly and straight on, as I passed through the window I could feel it all throughout my body. I still knew that I was dreaming and I still knew my intention, I began to fly up into the sky calling Paula to me when all of a sudden I awake in the flotation tank.   I was thinking it is very quiet here because some times I hear things in the flotation tank, at that moment I realized that I had moved my flotation tank to Paula’s house. I then said I don’t want to stop trying so I went back into the dream state not knowing that I was still dreaming for the flotation tank was right here in Boulder Colorado.  I visualized a big cliff in front of me and began to jump off of it as I then was flying again.  When I realized that I was still dreaming I went into a big house and started to ask for Paula. All of a sudden my dad showed up and I thought about doing some healing work for him. So put my hand in front of me and created some sparkling golden energy but as I started to pass it to my dad he began to turn into Paula fading from my dad to Paula. So I grabbed my dad’s hand and gave the energy to him. Eventually I started to awaken.  I wake up in a strange house in the flotation tank. When I got out of the flotation tank my brother was there but he was sleeping on the bed next to the tank. At that moment I realized that I was still dreaming and I went back into the flotation tank to wake up. I then woke up for real in Boulder Colorado in the real tank.


I went in the floatation tank at 6am on May 1, 2002. I began by listening to a CD to induce a lucid dream. The CD went off I knew that 30 min. had passed. I continued the exercise for entering the Dream State by wake induced. Within what seemed to be about 45 min I began to dream. I could see a lady in the distance waving me to come to here. I then herd her voice very close to me saying come it is ok.   The next thing that I knew I began to dream fully.  I began to float up through the wall of the room and was out side. It was very gloomy out side and the clouds were covering everything. I instantly remembered my intention to look for a higher being. I began to fly around searching for and asking for a being of spirituality to come to me.  The next thing I knew I was in a park and there was my mother talking to some people at a table.  I passed by here thinking is she a higher being then I saw my father doing the same thing.  I landed on the ground and in the distance I could see my friend patty.  Remembering that she had some health problems I wen over to her and created a ball of purple energy within my hand.  I passed the energy into here hart and gave her my love. I began to fly around continuing my search.  All of a sudden I could fell water falling over my face. I landed on the ground and thought what is that. The water stopped falling on my face. I began to fly again continuing my search for a spiritual being. Then once again there it was the water falling on my face.  I was fully lucid and knew that I was in the floatation tank thinking that I might have a bloody nose, knowing that sometimes I get them while sleeping.  Within a flash there I was in the tank with the feeling of water running down my face. I placed my hand on my face surprised to see that my nose was bleeding. I panicked and jumped up trying to find the door to the tank.  I was very scared that I was going to get blood all over the tank. Scrabbling around the tank looking for the door I realized when I could not find the door to get out that I must have still been dreaming.  Instantly I was back lying in the tank feeling paralyzed.  I opened my eyes but could not move my body. Looking down and my feet I could see it. There it was a being made of pure light siting at the bottom of the tank. I then looked up at the ceiling and I could see a faint geometrical pattern made of light, it looked similar to a computer chip but made of pure light.  I was still paralyzed and could not move my body. I began to tell my self that I wanted to wake up now and slowly I could feel my body begin to move. Everything faded into blackness and the light computer chip as well as the being made of pure light disappeared into blackness. I wake for real this time at 745am. Feeling very startled and excited by the whole experience.

Lucid dram in the floatation tank on 06/27/01 looking for a guide

I went into the tank at 830 am. After about 45 minuets the dream started to appear I could see the dream world in front of very clear. I was very excited and new that I could enter the dream if I wish. I started to imagine that I was flying of a big hill and the next thing that I new I was in the dream at a restaurant bar. At this bar they had two float tanks and I was talking with a lady. In fact it was the same lady that was in my last lucid dream. I knew that I was dreaming so I asked her what to do about my financial situation with the business. She said, how about if I pay for the rent for both places. I then asked her about the work. She told me that she would pay for the rent but I have to do all the work. I thought that would be great. I then began to fly all around, at this pinot I was semi lucid. All the waters were doing some sort of show so I thought I am dreaming and I can fly over there and do a huge back flip into the air.  I used all my concentration to stay off the ground as I flew into the space were everyone was doing the show and did a back flip but laded on my back not my feet. At that moment I became fully lucid and began to fly out side getting higher and higher in the sky. I was on Pearl Street and it was nighttime I knew that I was dreaming fully and new my intention was with me. I started to fly up into space I was flapping my arms slowly and gracefully as I flew higher and higher. I got past the telephone wire level thinking, as the wires go by I will go even further. At that moment I thought of my intention and started to call out for a guide the whole thing got me confused and I began to wake up. Waking at 10:30am.

Lucid dream in the floatation tank 02/05/02 healing Tom

I went into the tank at 9am.   After listening to my lucid dream CD I began to dream that I was lying in the tank looking around with a flashlight. I knew that I was dreaming and opened the door to the tank I began to float up through the building.   The feeling of floating is always very amazing giving me a pulling sensation in my gut.  I flew outside and started to fly fast straight up into the clouds. My body is now filled with excitement bursting through me like lightning the lucidity is now stronger then ever.   I land on the ground and start to think of my wife Karina. With in an instant she is right in front of me and I know that I want to make love to here.  As we begin to make love I can feel sexual energy surging through out me. After about 10 or 15 mints of for play we start having intercourse.  The lucidity is very strong now I now that I am dreaming 100%, the feeling of making love with the women of my dreams out in an open field excites me to the point of orgasm. I now that I am dreaming I have nothing to hide and feel absolutely safe.  We continue to make love for a bit when I remember my intention for this lucid dream.   With my intention now set in my mind I separate from my wife and begin to fly up into the air once again.  Faster and faster I go flying towed Mexico do some haling work for my good friend tom.   With an instant I am in Mexico flying over his apartment.   I land in front of his place and open the door.   Asking tom are you home. Tom is lying on the bed watching some TV.  I shut the TV off and ask if it is ok if I do some healing work for his head and eye.   Tom gives me the permission and I put my hands on his head creating some electrical energy in my hands and passing it through his right eye.   I notice that there is a little bump on the upper part of his right eye. I focus until the bump is gone.    Finishing with the healing I give tome my regards and begin to fly back to boulder.   Spending about another 20 min flying around I decide to wake up by will so that I will remember everything. I close my eyes in the dream and awake back in the floatation tank back in boulder.  I woke up at 1120am.

Lucid dream in the floatation tank on 02/19/01 healing Valerie.

I went into the float tank at 1030am after about one hour I began to dream.  I found my self in a car driving down a road I knew that I was dreaming and deiced to take the car of the road. The second that I did I began to float through the window. I then began to fly into the sky I instantly remembered my intention to do some haling work for Valerie.  Flying faster now trying to find here thinking and saying out loud Valerie come to me Valerie come to me.   The next thing that I new I was watching Valerie siting in a room with a big glass window almost like she was doing some sort of test.    I called out to here.  After getting her attention I began to awake.  I found my self in the floatation tank in a hypnogogic state of sleep.  I was awake but still dreaming.  The dream of me talking with Valerie was right in front of me.   I held out my hands and told Valerie that I am going to do some haling work for you try to relax.  I began to create a light blue purple energy within my hands and then passed the energy through her hands focusing all my intention on here hart.  All the electrical energy went surging through here body creating a glow around here.  She was smiling happy.  I gave here a big hug with lots of love and told here good buy until the next time.  At that moment I awake fully and got out of the tank at 1200pm.

Lucid dream in the flotation tank 06/25/01 guidance

I went in to the tank with the intention to have a lucid dream and get some guidance on what to do with my business.  After about 45min of meditation I began to get lucid. I had forgot my intention and my wife was next to me we were in a strange place. I began to make love to here knowing that I was dreaming but not with my intention fully set I began to awake.  As I started to wake up I started to spin around thinking I am dreaming I am dreaming. The next thing that I new I was at the institute picking up some papers.  I knew that I was dreaming and I knew my intention fully. I asked out loud for a guide to come and help me. The next thing that I knew a lady walked in to the room. I asked here if she could help me with some deiced some things. What should I do what the mile high dream institute. She looked at me and said that you should stick with it as much as you can. Don’t give up it will get better. I knew that she was there to help me. I then began to wake up again so I started to spin and then the next thing that noticed I was walking down a street I knew that I was still dreaming and wanted to fly around and go to space. I jumped into the air and started to fly I was jumping from a couple of building when I say my shadow I realized that it was a monster some kind of wolf like thing. I was not scared I just paid no attention to it and began to fly to space. I flew up very high going faster and faster when I felt very hot. I was wearing a big blanket over me I spun upside-down while flying and pulled it of my head. Feeling much cooler I began to fly again. Trying to make it to space I could not go any higher for some reason. I flew back to the ground and saw a friend of mine Kent I was explaining to him that I was dreaming and we could fly around if he wanted. Then I started to lose my lucidity and began to be pulled by the dream. The next thing an ice cream truck went by. Me and all the kids went running to get some ice cream the truck stooped and all the kids could just grab a cone and scoop it them the ice cream for them self then I got my cone and the truck started to pull away before I could get some ice cream I managed to get a little at the last moment and then woke up.

Lucid dream in the flotation tank March/03/01 flying healing love for Jane

I went into the flotation tank at around nine am. Bringing myself to the dream world with my usual technique, I began dreaming. The dream world became very vivid and strong. I was in what appeared to be my old house in Boulder. My brother was there and I knew that I was dreaming. I began to fly all around going up into the air and back down again, trying to get higher and higher.  I landed and saw my brother with some of his friends. I knew that I was dreaming and I said,  “Orion this is a dream. I can fly and so can you.” His friends said that it was not a dream and you are just jumping very high. I ignored them and continued to fly around. I then remembered my intention to do a healing for Jane Kephart. I walk up this big hill and took left turn thinking I will do the healing right here. I saw a rock in the distance and sat on it, next to me was three TV’s and they were on playing something. I paid no attention to them and sat on the rock. I closed my eyes and began to visualize and meditate in the dream word.  Jane was right in front of me and I created a big ball of bright light and gave it to her.  Filling her entire body.  I then awoke from my meditation to the sound of some fire works. They were going off all over. It appeared that it was the Fourth of July.  I walk back to the house and I found my brother I said to him that I am dreaming and I just got done doing a healing for Jane Kephart.  But I was not satisfied with the healing and I wanted to bring Jane to the party that was going on in the house. The house was our current house that we live in now on Kirkwood. I began to say Jane come to me Jane. I went out to the living room and there was one person dancing to the music. When I said Jane one more time I saw that it was her. I went out to the dance floor and began dancing with her.  I started to create energy into my hand. I passed it through her, as we danced very romantically.  Knowing that the antidote for her illness is Venus I began to get very affectionate with her I remember thinking that this is a dream and this is for Jane nobody is really looking at us. We danced and kissed as I passed energy into her we then fell to the floor and started to kiss. At this point I woke up from the over stimulation of emotion. Dream ended at 10am.

Lucid dream in the tank 11/30/00 1:30-12:00am trying to fly feeling of falling

I went in to the flotation tank to have a lucid dream and after about 30 minutes I started to dream. I was with my brother and Karina and we were trying to fly. I knew that I was dreaming but I was only semi –lucid. I tried to fly a couple of times by myself but every time that I did, I started to fall. So I grabbed my brother and Karina and went to the top of a tall house. There was a little girl sleeping in her bedroom and Karina didn’t want to wake her up. So we went on the tallest part of the building and jumped off. We all fell to a lower part of the building and tried again. We all fell to the ground, then I sat with everyone thinking that is strange, this is a dream we should be able to fly as I woke up.

Lucid dream in the tank feeling fear and love.  TITLE- fear awakens love healing. 03/16/01

Went into the tank at 6am, after a while I started to dream. As I was entering the Dream State I was fully conscious and knew that I was dreaming. I knew my intention that I wanted to do healing for my friend Jane. I was trying to fly out of this building and I got stuck in this very strange cellar. I went up and my heel was stuck. I said this is a dream and I can fly right through this but I was having so much trouble.  I was starting to feel stuck. I knew that this fear was lowering my vibration. I was able to break free of the cellar door and it was very cold out side. I had no shoos on and I could feel my feet in the cold snow. I was running trying to fly up and get out of the snow. But I could not fly. I started to ignore the cold and sat down into the snow and said I will do the healing for her here.  I sat in the snow and tried to bring healing energy into my hands. I could start to feel the energy as it flowed a little bit; I could not see any energy. At that moment I heard a noise coming from a shed in the near distance. I knew that something or some one was coming closer to me. I started to get very afraid and thought that this is the dream world and that I don’t want to be afraid for if I am afraid I will lower my vibration to a lower level.  Keeping this in mind I told my self that I will awake now. Instantly I was in the tank.  I began to raise my vibration by thinking of all the great times that I had in my life.  I began to fall back into the dream world. This time I was by the ocean and my wife was with me. I started to make love to her on the table in the park. It was so beautiful the feeling of making love out in the open. When we were finished I remembered my intention to do the healing for Jane. At this point I was starting to wake up a little bit. I went and found Jane. As I was filled with loving energy I started to give Jane the energy that she needed in various places in her body. I began do dance with Jane and filled her with light and love, as I was dancing with her I gave her the most beautiful bunch of flowers. I then brought her to my institute and she was lying on the massage table, I continued to fill her body with energy in the appropriate areas until her entire body was filled with a golden yellow color. I then awake for real and finally this time. Or so I thought. All of a sudden my dad jumped into the tank with me, then Steve, a little girl and last but not least Hannibal the dog. I was trying so hard to kick the dog out of the tank thinking that this is a professional business and I cant have dogs in the tank. At this point I lost all my lucidity and was just dreaming. I got Hannibal out of the tank and then woke up for the last and finale time. End of experience.

Tank experience lucid dream 12/27/00 flying with the dead/ feeling of fright

I went in to the tank at 630am and started to have my lucid dream. I was with my wife Karina in the car. I was thinking this is a dream and I want to make love to her but I then thought that I might wake my self up if I did so I stopped. But I got a little excited and woke and I then went back into the dream- state. I was at my dad’s house and I was with Barbara and my dad and I thought that Barb could use some healing. I rubbed my hands together really fast and started to gather a bunch of energy for her. She then got up just as I was going to put the energy in to her and grabbed a crystal and told me to put the energy in to it. I did and then started to wake a little bit so I began to spin and tried not to wake myself up.  I was pretty much awake when I started to come out of my body. I knew that it was different than the lucid dream because I began to hear a buzzing or swishing sound really close in my ear.  I then floated out of my body. It was very hard to keep my concentration, but when I got out everything got really warm.  I was in my dad’s house and I tried to fly through the window but just smashed my face on it. Then I say a little boy. The boy was outside. I went to a window and flew through it and started to follow this little boy as he went up and around the house and then into the sky.  I said I would now fly to space and follow him. As I was flying up into space I could see thousands of little dragonflies in the air.  I looked to my left and could see about 20 or so dead people floating in to the sky. I got a bit scared but then I remembered that it was just a dream and said I will now fly to space I flew up into he clouds very fast until I got to a couple of stars and awoke.

Tank experience lucid dream 12/5/00 flying to space/ feeling out of control

I went into the flotation tank and after about 30 min I began to feel the dream world creep up on me, I started to hear things and see dream people all around me.  I then started to fly around and I thought, I am just going to play around in this dream. I want to fly to space.  I started to fly very high into the sky. As I passed some trees I could see the telephone wires coming towed me, I grabbed on to one because I started to fall down.  I then began to fly even higher dodging telephone wires all over the place. When I got past the phone wires, I began to get pulled very fast in an upward sideways direction. I was being pulled from my stomach and I was hurling through the air backwards.  I got pulled up into the stars thinking that I might be in space, when I fell back to the ground. After that I forgot that I was dreaming and in the dream I was playing foot ball with my brother and mom and Michelle. It was icy on the road. We got the ball and it was so big that I couldn’t hold it in my hands. I asked for a smaller one and woke up.

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6 Responses to “Share a Dream”

  1. David Says:

    Hi Jeremy (is it ok I call you that, that’s my oldest son’s name and my best friend from high school’s name too?),

    The first time I really had vivid lucid dreams with complete control was with the use of a tape that I listened to every night that was a subliminal for lucid dreaming (and I think more); I received this tape from a company in New York (I paid over $100 for it too!). After listening to this tape about a hundred times (after a month or so) I started having very vivid lucid dreams- dreams that not only I could control, but bring other people into them, even if they didn’t know me, and did amazing things with them, as long as they enjoyed it too- I never did anything compromising, otherwise the dream would automatically terminate- it was a fail safe of the subliminal programming and I never had this happen since I started using the tape and experienced these vivid larger than life lucid dreams. Most of the lucid dreams I had were very enjoyable, very euphoric (like through the whole duration of the lucid dream), very kinky homosexual sex (this puts wet dreams to shame LOL), and very free spirited (I saw God many times!) lucid dreams, but never negative or hurting, however, this was some time ago (about 10 years ago) and have lost that tape and wish I could find it again. Since then I haven’t had that many lucid dreams and I’m willing to order the tape again (I know where to find it now) and try having lucid dreams all over again; except I don’t have the means to buy anything now since I’m broke at the moment and financially supporting (on my own income from my full time job) two other people (my partner and roomate who are trying to get disability). Anyways, if there are any compasionate and understanding people out there I’m accepting donations via AlertPay: or via PayPal: if anyone wants to support my lucid dreaming reacquaintances; I’ll need $150 total (includes shipping and taxes) for the same exact tape that’s on CD instead; it would be much appreciated and would definitely boost my lucid dreaming cause and join forces with Jeremy’s cause! Once I reach that amount of donations, I’ll refund back to each and every one of you every penny after that. I’m hoping the following information will help you fell more inclined to help (all of us):

    I’ve read (on the net) that taking these particalur substances can increase spiritual lucid dreaming experiences (and then some!):

    500-3000mg of TMG (trymethylglycine- the methylnator! This is much cheaper and more absorbable (through the blood brain barrier) than SAMe, wich is pretty much the SAMe thing (LOL))
    50-300mg of 5-HTP (tryptaphan in a very absorbable form without a prescription- get that seratonin goin’)
    25-50mg of B3
    50-100mg of B6
    50-100mcg of B12
    50-100mg of DMAE (methylated choline- easily absorbable through the blood brain barrier as the ones above- this is so you can remember your DMT (spiritual) experience since most are forgotten)
    The B vitamins you need to “connect” turning tryptaphan to tryptamine and seratonin to DMT (naturally occuring-produced from the Pineal gland in the brain)
    100-500mcg of melatonin (take this last as it will mimic sleepiness and induce sleep after everything else is taken- just make sure you’re in bed at this time LOL)

    60-250mg of Kavalactones
    50-100mg Sceletium (never heard of this stuff but it’s supposed to act just like kava)

    With the above combination (with or without the optionals), supposedly not only will you have a lucid-(like) dream, but your brain will produce (from the pineal gland) a higher than normal amounts of DMT- the spirit drug, causing you to have profound spiritual experiences. Your Pineal produces this substance natually every night, but for some reason, taking this combination of substances is like magic. It may even induce spiritual hallucinations while awake!

    I haven’t tried this yet, since I’m low on cash to get these substances at a health food store, I was wondering if you could be our brave guinea pig and try it out first, pretty please Jeremy?

    And if you do try it and have a profound spiritual experience, please let us know; then I’d definitely be totally into the whole luicd dreaming activity and thie spiritual part as a bonus and would love to share more stories!

    -David 😀

  2. David Says:

    Hi Jerimiah (sorry for calling you Jeremy),

    I really thought you were going to karate chop that message due to the seeming rack of disciprine. I was in the Navy for a while, so I know disciprine too without the marital arts (Fu Kung Do Kwan Tai I think you said you know). I’m also dyslexic and have attention deficite disorder, was never treated but was diagnosed, and had a horrible time in school. I hope you find humor in my messages is that’s the kind of character I am. As part of my discipline, I meditate regularly (at least twice a week) and focus on my energy centers and perform the mantras of the chakras. Anyways, I do want to apologize for the previous post containing a lot of none-related situations to your book and viewpoints via lucid dreaming, but I was hoping that history of our lucid dreaming and other helpful things would be ok to post first and then the experiences we have after trying your techniques. Also, It’s never in my nature to ask for help, especially financial help, since I like to come up with creative ways to make money. However, this time I’m somewhat desparate and maybe I’ll try talking Jerimiah into getting it for me (please?) I’m on vacation from work(until the 9th, I go back to work) and have time to write, so I thought it would be a good idea to start. I did try a few of the techniques in your book last night/this morning. The spinning and falling back are quite amazing as they both got me lucid right away, or brought me back to lucidity after losing it for a while. I never tell anyone in my dream that I’m dreaming because most of the time they don’t believe me, so I just so “I must be dreaming” to myself instead and take it from there. Also, I have a lot of dreams where there’s no other people in them at all, but the animals and other things, like trees andplants make up for it sometimes (this has been happening more recently and feels somewhat unsettling- what does it mean?)

    Golden Sunset (one of the lucid dreams from this morning):

    I was somewhere, like Kansas maybe, where it was very flat in some areas, and very hilly in other. I was walking through a wheat field that had already been plowed- must have been post harvest season around mid to late October and came across a nice little knoll to rest. I fell backwards on the hill and the next thing I realized is that I was awake, but awake in my dream! I was pretty excited at first, and then I remembered not to get overly excited as this would wake me for real. I laid back against the hill admiring the beauty of all the different shades of yellow and gold around me as the sun was setting. Amazingly enough, I was able to look right at the sun without damaging my eyes and saw the different hues of light eminating from it. I realized (since I’m lucid) that the sun was not just eminating light, but all kinds of energy, different colors, and a special life force. When I felt all these, it was a most wonderous experience. As the sun was setting, shadows of gold and yellow scattered everywhere along the field and hills- it was most mezmorising. I also had what is called visual euphoria at that moment. Right before the sun finished setting, he talked to me and said “see you tomorrow, David”. That startled me and I awoke from the lucid dream.

    Synopsis of this lucid dream:

    I guess the dream itself was more or less an inactive lucid dream, however, I was “enjoying the view”, and taking in more than I could possible imagine. For some reason, before the sun sat, I knew in the back of my mind that it was going to say something hilarious to me, and well, it did! That’s what scared me at first, and then I realized how funny it was, I couldn’t stop laughing- I accidentally woke Justin and then my partner asked what was so funny and I told him and he started in the laugh feast too. Anyways, that’s all I can remember from last night/this morning so far. I hope everyone enjoys this one.

    -David 😀

    P.S.- Donations are still being accepted as long as it’s ok with Jerimiah. Would really love to get this lucid dreaming subliminal tape/CD back and give it another go (maybe Jeremiah will get it for me? LOL).

  3. jerimiah molfese Says:

    David it sounds like you do not need the subliminal tape/CD for Lucid dreaming. You are a natural lucid dreamer and by using the power of intention in the dream you should have no problem getting and staying lucid when ever you want.
    I am very glad that you have had a chance to try some of the exercises in my book and are getting result the spinning in a dream is very powerful and can bring back lucidity and keep you in the dream. I think that you will have much better success if you make an intention before you enter the dream. This is probably the most important part to keeping your dream control and staying in the dream. Remember lucidity or awareness + Intention is what = Control. You will have no control or very little if you do not know what it is that you want to do with your next lucid dream. Good luck with that and don’t forget to have some amazing dreams.
    Jeirmiah Molfese

  4. David Says:

    Thank you Jerimiah. I will be trying the door method (in these instances, cave would be an accurate natural door discription) next time over the next few days and focus purely on nature, as nature views are my favorite in lucid dreams. I will try small towns and then take it to the city next month. If you can’t already tell, I’m clausterphobic and agoraphobic (only when people are around).

  5. Free Online Lucid Dreaming and Didgeridoo Course: | Renato Dorfman presents his online Art Gallery and invites you to join him at The Organic Village in Puerto Morelos, México Says:

    […] 6. Members questions and answers blog: Jerimiah will be answering any questions that you might have regarding meditation, dream work,healing and astrology. […]

  6. Health Information Says:


    I saw this really good post today….

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