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February 25th, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

Are you dreaming or are you awake?

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Is this a dream?

In order to make various techniques of Lucid Dream incubation successful, we need to be able to remember to do things that we have planned to do. Psychologists call this ‘prospective memory’ development. We all use prospective memory every day to remind us to do necessary and ordinary things, such as picking up the laundry, paying bills, meeting appointments, and brushing our teeth. Prospective memory becomes more difficult when the planned action is new to us, and we are not stimulated to remember it by frequent, salient cues. Unfortunately, we cannot use written memos to help us remember to do things in our dreams. That makes it quite challenging to remember to carry out our intention to recognize when we are dreaming.

One way around this difficulty is to make a habit of questioning our state of awareness. By following me on twitter you can test whether this is a dream by getting an automatic state test sent to you every day. Through this exercise, you will begin to have lucid dreams automatically. Lucid Dreaming Reality State Testing is the process of asking yourself the question Is this a dream? Then you do a State Test by looking at the words on the screen.


Next you look away for a quick second then you look back at the words. If they stay the same you are awake, but if the words on the screen change to something different then you are dreaming! The key to having lucid dreams with this exercise is to take a State Test (look away then look back) at the exact moment you see the question IS THIS A DREAM? on your twitter incoming shout from me.

All you need to do is follow me on twitter and I will randomly send out a Lucid Dreaming tip with the question IS THIS A DREAM? At the exact moment you receive the message you must remember to practice the State Test exercise.   If you can remember to do the exercise (look away then look back) every time I send out the message, eventually you will begin to dream you are receiving the IS THIS A DREAM message. By taking the State Test in your dreams, you can become lucid and know you are dreaming.

This is a great fun way to start lucid dreaming.

Jerimiah Molfese

Gett Start Now.  Here is my twitter account

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