Lucid Dreaming Adventure CD

October 9th, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese


Discover the SECRET Lucid Dreaming CDs That Let You
Actually CHOOSE What Sort of Adventure You Want!

Fly Across the City … Chat with Einstein … Time Travel
Discover “Jurassic Park” … Enjoy Adult Encounters … & MORE!

Lucid dreaming is the ability to wake up “inside” your


You’re a character, alive in this special world – where you can do literally ANYTHING you WANT!

You can go FLYING. Meet your HERO. Act out your WILDEST FANTASIES.

If you’ve ever experienced lucid dreaming, you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Well, now you can enjoy experiences like this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Bradley Thompson has just finished creating his own unique collection of Lucid Dreaming Adventures, each designed to take you into a deeply relaxed state – and help you enjoy a SPECIFIC ADVENTURE every single night!

From enjoying the thrills of the world’s largest roller coaster to taking a well-earned vacation. From chatting with Einstein to traveling through time. From getting rid of stage fright to spending a passionate night with the person of your dreams!

Can YOU imagine enjoying adventures like these WHENEVER YOU WANT?

Well, that’s what Bradley Thompson GUARANTEES — when you try out one of NEW Lucid Dreaming Adventure CDs.

Want to learn more?

Here’s the official website:

I strongly recommend you check it out. HIGHLY recommended!

Best wishes,

Jerimiah Molfese

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One Response to “Lucid Dreaming Adventure CD”

  1. Michael Habib Says:

    Hey Jerimiah,

    Don’t you think the price for his special CD for experiencing specific lucid dreaming are a bit expensive. It seems suspicious. I would expect not more than 30$ each… but 250$!!!!… Brainwaves and subliminal programming have not been invented yesterday. What do you think about that ?

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