Interactive Workshop Combining Lucid Dreaming, Healing and the Didgeridoo July 17th 2009

March 3rd, 2009 by Jerimiah Molfese

This event will be held in the mountains of Boulder Colorado

This workshop combines the power of the Australian Didgeridoo with Stellar Healing as a therapeutic tool. Originating in Egypt, Stellar Healing is an effective technique for healing the physical/emotional body using astrology as our guide. This process attunes the body to specific planetary energies then passes this energy through the hands of the healer into the person receiving the healing. Each planet has a specific frequency, which directly corresponds to a specific musical tone. By applying circular breathing or the basic drone of your didgeridoo with the correct planetary musical tone the human body becomes a tuning fork for cosmic energy, enabling the Didgeridoo to act as a healing instrument.

The sound that emanates from the Didgeridoo creates different overtones that are too high in frequency for the human ear to pick up. The cells and bones in the human body, however, do pick up these overtones, thereby attuning not only the healer, but also the person receiving the healing, to the desired planetary energy. This planetary energy can then be applied to assist in the healing of physical and emotional illness. Through directed intention the Didgeridoo player can focus the energy to the cells of the human body and generate a healing response for themselves or another person. By applying this technique, each person will learn how to play their Didgeridoo using circular breathing to generate powerful rhythms for healing. During the interactive performance/dance portion of the workshop, everyone will have a chance to experience the healing power of the Didgeridoo.

The goal of this workshop is to enable the participants to learn to use this technique for self-healing and to provide everyone with resources that they can take home and use for their own well being.


Day 1: A two-hour introduction with interactive performance/dance for learning and experiencing the power of the Didgeridoo. Next each person will learn how to make

a Didgeridoo made of PVC. We will create the Didgeridoo then paint it and learn how to apply the wax. This will be your tool that you will use for the rest of the seminar,

if you would like to purchase an authentic Didgeridoo before the workshop we can assist with your order or feel free to bring your own Didgeridoo.  The afternoon of this day we will then do the full   Step by step program for learning Lucid Dreaming the art of Dream Yoga

Day 2: Workshop 1 Focusing on getting the sweet spot. The sweet spot is when you get a drone sound and hold it with very little effort. By finding the sweet spot with your Didgeridoo you will begin to understand the process of circular breathing and have a tool that can produce powerful healing overtones. You can then begin healing with your Didgeridoo regardless of whether or not you are able to practice circular breathing.

Day 3: Workshop 2 Continue to learn circular breathing; practicing the Didgeridoo with basic rhythms; using your voice. We will explore how you can begin to tune your consciousness to the cosmic planetary energies simply by changing your voice while playing the Didgeridoo drone.

Day 4: Workshop 3Circular breathing; Practicing with visualization. Building energy for Stellar Healing; This workshop combines everything learned in the previous workshops with the proper planetary energies. Whether or not you are able to circular breath, you will still have a powerful healing tool that can be used to produce cosmic planetary energies. The primary focus of this workshop will be on your birth chart and where to direct the powerful sounds of your Didgeridoo within your physical body. Every participant will receive a copy of their astrological birth chart in this workshop. In the evening we will get to experience a Mayan or Native American Steam Bath (Temazcal)

The effectiveness of the workshops is enhanced in the outdoors. By interacting with Nature each participant can experience the inner connection between the Didgeridoo, Nature and themselves.

Please register for the event here. After you will be taken to the payment processing page
Pay Before 31st of March $350
Pay Before 30th of April $400
One month before the event $450
2 weeks before the event full price $500
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