About Jerimiah Molfese

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Jerimiah Molfese, a Didgeridoo instructor, discovered his life’s path at age 16 when he first experienced the power of Lucid Dreaming as a profound healing tool. By consciously entering the Dream State Jerimiah was able to help his friend heal from cancer. Shortly afterwards he wrote his first book, a personal guide and narrative, “My Adventures in Lucid Dreaming”. Upon graduating high school at the age of 18, Jerimiah began to teach the healing powers of Lucid Dreaming. With a small office space in Boulder, Colorado he used a dry flotation tank and the writings from his first book to teach over 500 people how to become conscious within their dreams and to use that experience for healing. Ninety per cent of those who studied with him achieved success with this process. This achievement confirmed for Jerimiah that his natural gifts are teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

He embarked upon a course of study beginning with the hermetic teachings of the Brotherhood of Light. In the next three years Jerimiah completed the 21-book course of study, becoming familiar with the hermetic arts of Astrology, Alchemy and Magic. On his 21st birthday Jerimiah had a serious car accident leaving him with a stroke to the left side of the body along with brain injury and whiplash throughout his spine. He says of this experience:
“At that time, the pain and brain trauma I was experiencing led me to believe I would never heal. Doctors told me that I would never recover from such extensive trauma. However, after more than 2 years of depression and sleep deprivation due to pain, I began to recover my ability to meditate and dream lucidly.

I used the dry flotation tank and the 61 Point Relaxation Exercise to allow my body and mind to truly heal. The 61 Point Relaxation Exercise allowed me to fully relax, concentrate and begin the healing process through guided meditation.

As I used the 61 Point Mediation regularly, I began to see results without having to use the drugs the doctors told me I needed. I experienced this period of time as a test to determine whether the 61 Point Relaxation Exercise would work to heal me. I spent 5 years immersed in this healing process. The doctors were telling me that I would never heal or be 100% back to normal but by being persistent with the 61 Point Healing Mediation I completely got rid of all the symptoms I had from my brain injury.

During this time I designed the 61 Points of Relaxation DVD and used it every day. Soon I gained my ability to concentrate, enabling me to meditate and complete the 61 Point exercise on my own without the assistance of the DVD, healing my brain injury 100%.”

During this time Jerimiah wrote his second book, Manifestation Through Spiritual Power, and also designed the DreamMaker Pyramid Dry Flotation Tank. He then moved to the Yucatan of Mexico where he continued his studies and his work as a healer in the land of the Maya.

Within the next 5 years Jerimiah completed his 3rd book, The Seventh Angel. His work with hundreds of people at healing centers throughout the Playa del Carmen and Tulum area gave him the experience needed to design the Egyptian Raindrop Therapy, a method of balancing the energies of the body and relieving pain and stress. At 31 years of age Jerimiah lives in Mexico, is happily married with 2 children, and continues the same path he started as a 16 year old boy.

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