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Learn How to Lucid Dream and Enter the Dream State by Will ! To help you learn and cultivate the powers of Lucid Dreaming Jerimiah Molfese has created a special package that includes everything you could possible need to become a talented Lucid Dreaming Savant!


Begin Your Journey Today and Start Using the power that you have in your dreams!

Increasing the Quality of Life Through the Power of the Digeridooo, Lucid Dreaming, and Astrology for Healing to Create Love, Light, and Happiness !

Now for the first time ever the books Manifestation Though Spiritual Power and My Adventures in Lucid Dreaming are available in Perfect Bound Softcover. Simply purchase only one these books as a text book to use as a guide while you embark on a journey into the world of Lucid Dreaming and you will get over $200 in special gifts.

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“Molfese’s book create a wondrous bridge between our stressful lives and the mathematical vision of spirit….– Lynn Andrews Author of the Internationally acclaimed medicine Woman Series.

“A talented lucid dreamer with interesting insights and fresh experiences, Jerimiah Molfese writes with authority and understanding. Lucid dreaming is a revolutionary tool to explore consciousness. See what this unique state of awareness can do for you.”– Robert Waggoner, author of the lucid dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.


This new Discovery Reveals How To Heal yourself using the Power of Positive Thinking.

Good for (PMS, Brain Trauma, Chronic Pain, Mood Swings, Depression)!

” The 61 Points of Relaxation Technique originally developed by Swami Rama, founder of the Himalayan Institute.”

A great approach to holistic healing

Preview of the 61 Point Relaxation DVD

Get over $200 in special gifts for under $19.

1. 61 Points of Relaxation DVD “A State of Healing

2. Instant Download of the”61 Point Exercise” Audio Track Only

3. Instant Download of the Book “My Adventures in Lucid Dreaming”

4. Instant Download of the Book “Manifestation Through Spiritual Power”

5. Instant Download of the “I am Connected” Affirmations CD

6. One Year Membership to HIDREAMERS.COM

7. Instant Download of the Book ” The Seventh Angel”

8. Download  225 of the Brotherhood of light lessions in mp3 format

9. Download the

In addition, you will also receive a new Lucid Dreaming Induction DVD,

“The Hubble Space

Lucid Dreaming Exercise”!

That is over $200 value today for under $19. Just order one of my books today to staert your journy into the world of Lucid Dreaming.

My Adventuresin Lucid DreamingBuy This Book

Perfect Bound Softcover

Price $15.99 (Inclueds your $200 in gifts)








Manifestaion Through Spititutal PowerBuy This Book

Perfect Bound Softcover

Price $17.99 (Inclueds your $200 in gifts)

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